Full service for casino games development

We produce slot and casino games in a waterfall or agile way, delivering the following services:

  1. Product management
  2. Concept specifications
  3. Math specifications
  4. Design specifications
  5. Frontend development
  6. Math development
  7. Gamelogic implementation (math implementation)
  8. Math & Gamelogic simulations
  9. Preparing the game for Certification: load tests, different player simulations, security tests
  10. QA all along the project

The project structure are the following:

  • Product Ideation: create the idea, game story, features, conceptual math, art board;
  • Pre-development: delivering math, main assets and audio
  • Development: delivery of the gamelogic and frontend
  • Beta: fixing bugs, changing requests, QA, preparing for Certification
  • Release: integration with customer support tools

In all stages, the client has to sign-off the documents.